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July 22nd
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July 22nd
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party time, excellent.

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July 22nd
1:32 pm
The living story and events were so laggy compared to the rest of my GW2 experience that once ESO came out I just gave up.

I never got any lag like what you described (but I know a lot of people did) so I stuck around for the end of living world S1 which was lame, a month and a half of old content that was finished in half a week, then a shit tier start to S2. If you’ve got even a slight feeling of going back, take my advice and don’t bother.

July 22nd
1:16 pm
I wish it had Mac support. Guess I’m stuck with ESO which isn’t too bad. Still prefer it to GW2.

After the first two releases of living world S2 I can pretty safely say you aren’t missing much in GW2 right now, I haven’t even logged in, except to unlock the living story episodes, in like a month.

July 22nd
1:03 pm

also “Square Enix Have Planned 4 Years Into The Future For Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn” this is the greatest news I’ve heard in a while all other mmos get the fuck out

July 22nd
12:49 pm

I want to watch Star Wars again for some reason

not the prequels, obviously

July 22nd
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Dine and dash.

July 22nd
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kirby air ride THROUGH HELL tas

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July 22nd
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July 22nd
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